Operations Management

The organization performance depends, not only of the individual contribution of all members and resources but also from the integration of these contribution and efforts. The results of this integration are the synergies that convert an efficient set of resources in a high performer organization. In this context all the components, including technological and management aspects, are essential to the prosecution of the objectives of the organization.

The Operations Management Group (OMGroup) was created in 1992, within the Institute of Systems and Robotics (ISR). The initial and main objective was to collaborate with researchers of other scientific areas in the promotion of interdisciplinary research and educational programs in order to create synergies that could help ISR to be a high performer research organization.

OM Group members have been developing research projects with several American and European partners in several management areas, and published the results in several international journals, contributing for Institute of Systems and Robotics to be a first class multidisciplinary research team.


Coordinator: João V. Lisboa

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