AI+Green - Intelligent Automation in Precise Agriculture

    Project name: AI+Green - Intelligent Automation in Precise Agriculture

    Description: We have witnessed the colossal development and progress of automation and artificial intelligence in many sectors of our society such as industrial processes, robotics, autonomous systems, driverless cars, digital farming, and many others. Agriculture, at different paces, is also embracing the new technological innovations and is becoming a sector of strategic significance because of the increasing of population, the climate changes, environmental sustainability and limited natural resources. Precision agriculture, a concept that can be understood as digital/intelligent or automated agriculture, encompasses the use of technology (software and hardware) in agricultural production, protection, monitoring, and management. Due to the importance of agriculture in our lives and the numerous potential applications to be explored, precision agriculture has become, besides in agricultural science, very ttractive for other scientific areas including robotics, satellite remote sensing, and AI/ML. However, a major step from research to pplications in realistic conditions has still to be done. Real-life application domain is very important for any research system towards offering relevant outcomes for the agriculture sector, allowing the verification of assumptions made, identifying new challenges, and leveraging future scenarios. The interdisciplinary AI+Green project, which addresses some of the key challenges in precision agriculture, has the goal of increasing the precision and reliability of vineyard production and monitoring by developing a novel spatio-temporal data-information fusion system based on fundamental and applied techniques from remote (satellite) sensing, agriculture science, probabilistic machine learning, and aerial (UAV) robots.

    PI: Cristiano Premebida

    Reference: MIT-EXPL/TDI/0029/2019


    Fundind entity: OE/FCT

    Budget: 49.721,25€

    Partners: INESC Coimbra: IPC

    Duration of the action: 2021-02-01 - 2022-01-31

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