ISR - Institute of Systems and Robotics - is a private non-profit association, declared of public utility, devoted to promote R&D in the areas of “Systems” and “Robotics” that brings together researchers from the 3 major universities of the country:

Universidade de Coimbra FCTUC - Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

Universidade de Lisboa IST - Instituto Superior Técnico

Universidade do Porto FEUP - Faculdade Engenharia

which are home to each one of its 3 sites ISR-C, ISR-L, and ISR-P.

The headquarters of ISR are located in Coimbra

Institute of Systems and Robotics
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Coimbra - Polo II
3030-290 COIMBRA – Portugal

Professor Anibal T. De Almeida is its current Director.

ISR is the major research organization in Portugal addressing fundamental and applied research in areas ranging from Automation, to Energy Systems and encompassing Control, and Robotics.

The research emphasis has been shifting towards networked and large scale systems pertinent to a wide range of today's complex challenges of high societal impact such those arising in environmental, transportation, food production, resources management, health, energy, entrepreneurial, manufacturing, and communications systems.

The 3 poles share important scientific and technical interests and they exhibit a synergetic complementarity making it a very significant institution at both national and international levels.