Robotics & Automation Technologies for Humanitarian Applications: Where we are & Where we can be (Workshop @ ICRA 2015)

Robotics & Automation (R&A) technologies have the potential to transform and positively impact the lives of several people around the globe by addressing some of the worldís toughest and unsolved challenges and elevating the quality of life for humanity. Many of the underlying theoretical frameworks of existing R&A technologies are at a sufficient level of maturity and are widely accepted by the academic community after having undergone the scientific rigor and peer reviews that accompany such works. Yet, several of these frameworks, when subjected to the demands of deployment in practical situations, reveal their brittleness and lack of robustness (e.g. Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster). A fundamental reason behind such failures is that there exists a chasm between technological innovators and humanitarian field workers: Innovators rarely know what technological tools humanitarian workers in-the-trenches need; and only humanitarian field workers know what innovations are truly sustainable.

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IROS 2015 Workshop on Unconventional Computing for Bayesian Inference

UCBI 2015: workshop on Unconventional Computing for Bayesian Inference
IROS 2015, September 28, Hamburg 


This workshop will address unconventional computing for Bayesian inference, with keynote speakers on Bayesian inference for autonomous robots, and insights form computational biology, as well as presentations of submitted works, aiming to encourage these Bayesian and unconventional computing approaches to the IROS community.
Invited Speakers
- Jacques Droulez, "Bayesian computing in biology"
- Pierre Bessière, "Bayesian Programming for Robotics"
- João Filipe Ferreira, "Probabilistic Approaches for Robotic Perception"
- Jorge Dias, "Probabilistic Approaches for Robotic Perception"

The workshop on unconventional computing for Bayesian inference invites submissions of full papers or extended abstracts for poster presentation. Topics include, but are not strictly limited to:
* Low power computing solutions for Bayesian inference
* Parallel architectures and unconventional computing for Bayesian inference
* Stochastic computing for Bayesian inference
* Autonomous robots performing Bayesian inference with limited resources
* Insights from computational biology for Bayesian computing
* Bayesian programming for robotics
* Bayesian models for robotic perception and cognition

Submission should follow the conference format , 6 page for the full papers and 2 page for extended abstracts, and submitted via easychair For any help or further details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Important dates
Submission deadline: EXTENDED July 2015 
Notification of acceptance: July 31 
Camera ready submission: September 1 
Workshop day: September 28

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