Maria Eduarda Andrada

    Name: Maria Eduarda Andrada, M.Sc.
    Position: Ph.D. Student
    Internal Phone: 421026

    Maria Eduarda Andrada was born in Brazil in 12/02/1994. She received her M. Sc degree in Robotics Engineering by the University of Genoa, Italy in August 2019 with a dissertation entitled "People following using a 2D Laser and a STEREO camera". She joined the Institute of Systems and Robotics in February 2020 to work in the CORE and later in the SEMFIRE R&D Projects focusing on the development of artificial perception for forestry robotics from sophisticated multisensory systems. From September 2021, she started her PhD on "Artificial Perception Framework for Scene Understanding in Forestry Robotics" with a CMU-Portugal scholarship, supervised by David Portugal, João Filipe Ferreira and George Kantor at the Robotics Intitute of the Carnegie Mellon University.

    Supervised by:
    João Filipe Ferreira, Associate Professor
    David Portugal, Invited Assistant Professor